Pureherbs Food Industries Sdn Bhd

Pureherbs Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a fast growing company with the mission of eliminates lifestyle disease through innovation from nature, bringing biotechnology into life. We committed ourselves to research and develop high quality natural health products to treat civilized lifestyle diseases. We work collaborate with PhD, Nutritionist and Professor Experience in Biotechnology of herbal industry in developing scientifically proven natural food products. We are committed to comply with our company policies which resonate with our philosophy.

Quality Policy


We aspire to become a world respective company for health food products by gaining customer trust through our high quality natural health products.


We are committed to develop high quality natural health products to eliminate lifestyle disease and continually improving products quality and service to solve customer health problem.

To Our Team

Together we truly understand our products and service;
Together we build our business, careers and wealth;
Together we comply with the company quality philosophy and quality policies.


To Our Dear Customer

We are committed to providing the highest quality, natural health products.